Live Log Viewer is now on GitHub

Back in 2011 I found that I was constantly fighting with log files when I was investigating issues with hardware or software. The log files were either too large to load quickly in my preferred viewer or constantly updating so I needed to either constantly reload them, or I would lose my place in the file as it was appended to.

To solve this problem I wrote Live Log Viewer and uploaded it to CodeProject. Since then it has been downloaded over 5,000 times over two different releases. After receiving numerous feature requests and code updates from the community (some of which I haven’t yet implemented) I decided to move the code to GitHub.


It has grown from it’s humble beginnings as just an application for viewing log files in real-time; it now has support for different encodings, display fonts, and file rename/deletion detection.

You can view the GitHub repository here. Feel free to submit bugs, feature requests, and pull-requests.

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